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Jacopo D’Antonio is an accomplished Insurance and Reinsurance Executive with international experience and an outstanding track record of value creation. Co-founder alongside 30 executives of Aspen Insurance Group. A visionary leader able to identify opportunities across different geographies and lines of business and create realistic business plans. Solid experience in starting-up new ventures in different jurisdictions and managing underwriting and not underwriting staff in a multicultural environment. Ability to identify investment opportunities and manage all stages of the execution. Experience as a board member in challenging the management, governing the organization and the relationship with the CEO, protect the organization asset and the members` investment.

Nicole Gozzi-D’Antonio is a senior multilingual financial executive with an outstanding track record in leading sales teams and achieve ambitious targets. With a hands-on management style and focus on client satisfaction she has been successful working for first tier financial institutions promoting different products across various jurisdictions. In the last years she has been focusing on providing funding advisory to start-up companies and more mature private companies. Thanks to her network, skills, energy and respect she commands in the market she has been able to help her clients to complete complex founding rounds.

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